what is antimony ore used for

Antimony ore processing line - china-cfc.cc Antimony Processing Line The largest applications for metallic antimony is an alloy with lead and tin and the lead antimony plates in lead–acid batteries. Alloys of lead and tin with antimony have improved properties for solders, bullets, and plain bearings. Antimony - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Antimony is a chemical element.It has the chemical symbol Sb.The symbol Sb is from the Latin name of 'stibium' for the element. It has the atomic number 51. Its atomic mass is 121.8. It is a blue-gray element that is somewhat toxic. Antimony trioxide | O3Sb2 - PubChem The slightly water-soluble antimony compound antimony trioxide (ATO) and the highly water-soluble antimony compound antimony potassium tartrate (APT) were examined. Daily doses of the compounds were 27.4, 12.0 and 1,200 mg/kg body weight in the APT group, low .    Read More