building an electric motor

Electric motor | Britannica Electric motor, any of a class of devices that convert electrical energy to mechanical energy, usually by employing electromagnetic phenomena. A majority of three-phase induction motors operate with their stator windings connected directly to a three-phase electric supply of constant voltage and ... Building an Electric Motor - NativeWeb Building an Electric Motor. Materials: Doughnut or disc magnets 6-Volt battery Enameled wire (enameled wires are wires that are coated with a glossy substance which function as an insulator) Insulated wires with alligator clip ends Paper clips Half cup of clay Paper towel tube . Building a DC Drive for the Bridgeport Spindle February, 2004 -- August, 2011. The primary power in a vertical milling machine is an electric motor driving the spindle. In this project, I replaced the original 1-HP 3-phase 230 VAC electric spindle motor on a Bridgeport machine with a 3/4-HP DC drive motor.    Read More